Lighting & Digital

lighting & digital

On your shoot day we want everything to run smoothly. That's why we've teamed up with some great companies to offer you the best on-location service. It's easy - just call or email us and we can discuss your specific requirements and take care of everything. We will arrange deliveries and collection - and you'll receive just one bill at the end of the shoot for everything.

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Our flash lighting range includes Broncolor, Profoto & Briese Lighting. Also all continuous lighting including HMI & Kinoflo lighting along with all your grip requirements.

Briese lighting offers you the option of flash or continuous lighting. Boasting sun-like light that is four times brighter than conventional Fresnel HMI spots, this lighting option features focus sizes that suit any studio or location size.


The digital world is constantly upgrading and we put countless hours of research to stay ahead of the game and in turn bring all this knowledge to your set. Pixipixel pride themselves on having the most up to date equipment with DSLR motion now becoming part of our service.

With our highly trained staff of digital technicians and the combined knowledge and experience of our in-house staff, we can fully facilitate every type of shoot motion and stills. We work alongside you, from low budget editorials to advertising, taking the complication out of your digital hire.

Our stock includes medium format digital backs, the latest DSLRs and we can offer a comprehensive range of digital camera equipment.